Purpose Built.

The Rediguard barriers are designed to be a heavy duty barrier to hostile or speeding vehicles and at the same time act as a decorative garden bed which can be filled with plants or shrubs for a decorative feel to your area.

Placed in the correct position these security barriers will allow pedestrians to move safety in busy open areas like shopping malls or recreation areas and stop unwanted traffic from entering.

Ideal for use in: Railways, shopping centres, army bases, police stations, parks and beaches, government departments, airports and many more sites.

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Detail & Specifications


2500 mm W x 590 mm H Weight 1700 kg

1600 mm W x 700 mm H Weight 910 kg


1000 mm W x 1000 mm H Weight 400 kg


3000 mm L x 1700 mm W x 870 mm H Weight 1850 kg


3000 mm W x 600 mm H Weight 1850 kg